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The Most Comprehensive Reputation Platform In The World


We help you build your online reputation the right way; REAL customers & REAL reviews. This foundation is what supports your growing business & client relationships. Customer reviews are the single most effective bit of marketing you can do for your company. Only *you* can’t do anything—your customers have to spread the good word about your business for you. But how?

We create a customized review page just for your business where your customers can leave their feedback and then choose between specified review sites to post. We also provide the means to contact past satisfied customers to obtain reviews and a media center for reputation marketing materials. We have even integrated the ability for the use of surveys. For example, “How did you hear about us?”, “Who was your salesperson?”, “What did are your thoughts on our new customer service site?”. These questions can range from open-ended (comments to essays) to closed-ended (yes/no, multiple choice, rating scale, etc).

  • 24/7 monitoring of review sites
  • Instant alerts for positive and negative reviews
  • Monthly Detailed Reporting
  • Optimize top directories
  • Executive review site
    • Example:
  • Private review page
  • Proprietary review posting strategies
  • Android app
  • Feedback CRM center ( this is for communicating with customers and sending email promotions!)
  • Automated email follow up
  • Website syndication of reviews
  • Social media broadcasting of reviews and pictures and text
  • Custom artwork media center. Business cards, postcards and more
  • Staff training center
  • Professionally Produced Monthly Reputation Video
  • Digital and social media monitoring tools
  • Immediate reputation alerts & weekly updates
  • Monthly reputation analysis reports


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more reviews


First of its kind, proprietary app that automatically launches your business pages on major online directories such as Google Plus automatically inviting and following up with your patient’s or clients to publish their feedback directly on major directories such as Yelp, Google Plus and other via their mobile devices Without any need for additional downloads, sign-ups or sign-ins.

  • No more third party forms or posting gimmicks
  • Real, Genuine, Online Reviews

Negative Review Rescue System

Over 60% of service related negative reviews are a reflection of staff or misunderstandings & not related to the actual service provider!

Our behavior algorithm is designed to recognize unsatisfied patients or clients &forwards themto our proprietary Rescue Page.
There, the party can voice their frustration by filling out a form or getting connected directly to a manager or owner to speak out about their negative experience.

  • No more slander, no more misunderstanding
  • Hello, Happy Users

Reputation Radar

Checking numerous online review sites is time consuming and keeping your online reputation in check is a challenge. Reputation Radar is your key.

  • 24/7 monitoring system with over 90 industry related directories
  • Simple and elegant reporting dashboard
  • Take a look at your online reputation in a glance in seconds
  • Reputation Radar even show cases which directories need more review to help build a 5 star reputation
staff training

Staff Training

Educated staff can be an asset in the success of your business. But who has the time to teach and update the staff on the latest trends of online marketing & online reputation? Well, invite your staff to our staff training center.

  • Dynamic multimedia module alerts you when staff members start their training
  • Fun to watch educational videos as well as a session with one of our staff coaches educate your staff on day to day tasks related to ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Staff also learn how to handle unhappy patients to prevent negative reviews & how to turn a happy patient/client’s experience into a 5 star review online
  • At the end of the session each staff will be quizzed & their score is emailed to you

Reputation Marketing & Social Media

Reputation Marketing is unique, new & proven method of marketing that is focused in building a 5 star reputation for your business & then marketing your positive reviews & 5 star reputation to get you NEW patients, customers or clients.


  • People tend to put down their guards as they are reading/seeing a 3rd party experience with your business as oppose to a commercial
  • No 2 reviews are ever the same therefore your marketing message will be very unique

Say goodbye to your competitors


Reputation Shield

Utilizing the latest cutting edge online marketing tactics, we work to enhance your image & brand on major search engines. This ensures that those valuable hard earned reviews make their way to the front page of search & WOW the potential client/patient looking for your services.


Staff Accountability

In the day to day running of the business staff might forget or don’t follow protocols. Our unique Accountability module remind your staff based on pre-defined parameters on needed follows up or other tasks. A daily report is then created to inform the business owner of what the duty of the staff member has been and if the task has been done.

  • Goodbye frustration with staff
  • Hello productivity & accountably

Patient/Client Acquisition

Our system is equipped with a series of triggers that finds out if your current patient or clients might have a referral. Through a unique process our system helps in introducing the referral directly to your business at no extra cost.

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  • No more waiting and begging for referrals
  • Say hello to the new era of referral acquisition

Marketing Solutions



Why Us?

RepGrenade other “Reputation Management Companies”
Sms auto responder system
Feedback Landing Page
Negative / Positive Feedback
Customized Feedback Pages With Your Branding
Reputation Radar Monitoring Directories Where Reviews Are Most Likely to Appear
Tap To Call Technology That Connects Those With A Concern About Your Services To An Office Manager or The Business Owner
Negative Review Response Assistance
Remarketing Reviews on Facebook/Google + /Pinterest
Industry Based Mobile App With The Ability To Offer And Incentive for Taking A Survey And Controlling Your Offer In demand
Intelligent Sorting System That Filters Those Who Have Already Submitted a Review
Ease Of Use With A Dedicated Control Panel For Staff To Initiate The Offers
Referral Behavior Triggers That Help Introduce Friends& Family As Customers/Patients
Intelligent Algorithm That Find Triggers The Yelp/Google/Facebook App As Oppose To A Generic Landing Page to Write your Reviews
Hollywood Style Review To Video Production With A Professional Host
Ranking Your Video On The First Page Of Google For Your Branding With
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